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Brown-Vialetto-van Laere syndrome an inherited syndrome of progressive bulbar palsy with any of numerous cranial nerve disorders.

Drash syndrome an inherited syndrome of Wilms' tumor with glomerulopathy and male pseudohermaphroditism.

compartmental syndrome a situation where enhanced tissue tension inside a confined anatomic Room will cause decreased blood move leading to ischemia and dysfunction of contained myoneural factors, marked by suffering, muscle mass weak point, sensory loss, and palpable tenseness during the involved compartment; ischemia can cause necrosis resulting in lasting impairment of function.

Down syndrome mongoloid capabilities, brief phalanges, widened House among the primary and second toes and fingers, and moderate to intense psychological retardation; affiliated with a chromosomal abnormality, normally trisomy of chromosome 21.

Heberden's nodes come about within a Unique method of the disorder. Indications can be connected with hormonal, vascular, and/or nutritional Problems. The structural variations of advanced osteoarthritis might include erosion of your articular cartilages or perhaps the subchondral bone. Also called degenerative joint ailment.

Prior to now many yrs, a mix of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate continues to be proposed to be a dietary dietary supplement that assists your body sustain and mend cartilage. Studies executed in Europe have proven the success of this treatment in several cases.

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akinetic-rigid syndrome muscular rigidity check my source with different degrees of slowness of motion; seen in parkinsonism and Ailments of the basal ganglia.

a noninflammatory degenerative joint illness marked by degeneration of the articular cartilage, hypertrophy of bone within the margins, and improvements inside the synovial membrane; known as also degenerative joint disease.

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Asperger's syndrome a pervasive developmental problem resembling autistic condition, becoming characterized by severe impairment of social interactions and by limited interests and behaviors; nevertheless, individuals are not delayed in development of language, cognitive functionality, and self-enable techniques.

acquired immune deficiency syndrome , acquired immunodeficiency syndrome an epidemic, transmissible retroviral disorder caused by infection While using the human immunodeficiency virus, manifested in significant cases as profound depression of mobile-mediated immunity, and influencing particular acknowledged possibility teams.

The management of hair loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, may perhaps More Bonuses include things like drugs and medical procedures.

Minoxidil, utilized topically, is greatly used for the treatment of hair loss. It truly is effective in aiding boost hair growth in both males and females with androgenic alopecia.

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